Stroke Cancer Case Study

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The results of this study showed a marginal reduction in lipid profile after the ten weeks of combined exercise training. The findings of this study confirmed studies that exercise improve reduction in lipid profile even in stroke survivors (Dae-Young et al, 2014 and Kannan et al., (2014). From the study of Dae-Young et al, (2014), who investigated the effects of twelve weeks’ regular exercise on the improvement of free Fatty acid levels and metabolic risk factors of stroke patients reported a significant reduction differences in triglycerides (TG), triglycerides (TC) and High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLC).
According to Mann et al, (2014), regular physical activity and exercise can be utilized to improve reduction in cholesterol
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The results of this study is consistent with the reports of the above mentioned studies. Significant reductions were seen in SBP (0.022), DBP (0.004) and RHR (0.003) after the ten-week exercise protocol. According to Billinger et al., (2012), in the search into the cause of such decline, he concluded that exercise has a significant impart in cardiovascular fitness especially by reducing SBP, DBP and RHR. Again, this study agrees with the findings of Billinger et al., (2012). Stolle et al., (2012) used cardiovascular exercise for six months to rehabilitate stroke survivals and also reported statistically significant reduction in cardiovascular fitness during the acute phase of stroke. Though his findings were based on general cardiovascular fitness, the results of this study validates his. In Amin-Shokravi et al., (2011), effects of a 12-week exercise program on the cardiovascular disease risk and fitness of Iranian middle aged women showed significant decrease in SBP and DBP. Another study carried out on the effects of 3 months aerobic exercise on the cardiovascular profiles of trained and untrained athletes revealed that there were significant reductions in SBP, DBP and RHR for the trained group (Sunita et al., 2015). In Ammar (2015), morning and afternoon aerobic exercise for overweight hypertensive post-menopausal women who exercise for 12-weeks reviewed that, afternoon

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