Stroke Rehabilitation

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Currently the design consists of different components from multiplying sources. The fingers are connected with rubber rings, ropes. Gripper motors are attached to the finger to decrease the friction. But these connections may become loose or unstable after the frequent hand movement. The rope is left outside of the glove at present. If there is a twist between different ropes, errors will occur during the control of the finger movement. We found the tubing near the two ends of the air muscle have more possibility to explode. The reason is both tubing and Sleeving have an irregular shape near the clamps and more friction happens in these areas. Also the contraction percentages of the muscles are only 75%, but the real muscles have contractions…show more content…
[] Since previous studies have not determined the incidence rate of stroke rehabilitation, the accumulated data are far more enough to predict that stroke in India is at the danger zone. It is very much important to develop a common registry for stroke in various parts of the country to define the risk factors and rehabilitation benefits [] Besides the working of the system, increasing the functions and stability of the hand rehabilitation device is very essential, and a virtual environment could be developed to increase the interactivity of the stroke patient and the rehabilitation device. It can also increase the confidence to improve for the patient and increase the rehabilitation efficiency potency. The post work would include the integration of simple, passive exercise machine with the respective benefits of resistance and kinetic exercise. Actuator facilitates bidirectional, concentric exercise that naturally scales to accommodate users of varying strength with the help of hand to hand flexible position sensors. Strength-proportional resistance emulates the response of kinetic exercise to work the muscles at their maximum capacity throughout the range of motion. The model is based on the force-velocity response of the actuator. The intersection of the controller unit and the actuator favors various movements like adduction/abduction, pronation/supination, and flexion/extension of shoulder, elbow and
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