Stroke Risk Factors That Cause Death And Adult Neurological Disability

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Stroke is defined as a focal neurological impairment of sudden onset, lasting more than 24 hours, with the possibility of death. Strokes are the third leading cause of death and adult neurological disability. A few factors that could trigger a stroke include age, race, obesity and hypertension. Genetics are a huge factor when it comes to stroke. As stated by John Francis, “Studies have shown that genetic factors account for 50% of strokes.” High blood pressure, heart disease, vascular conditions and diabetes are all stroke risk factors that family history play a part of. states that “children with parents, grandparents, sisters or brothers who have had a stroke by the age of 65 are at greater risk of having one themselves.” “They are more common in men than they are in women, approximately 62% more women die from a stroke than men” said my Dr. James Faber. A mother’s stroke will strongly effect their daughter, a father’s stroke is likely to impact both their sons and/or daughter equally.” From birth, your genetic make-up is already fixed. Stroke is like a notch that’s hidden within the body that plays a role in call fate and development. This notch also has a huge impact on the arteries and blood vessels in the brain. The blood supply to the brain comes from four blood vessel, the left and right carotid arteries, and the left and right vertebrobasilar arteries. Depending on how strong the stroke notch is in your family will help determine if one minor
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