Strong And Weak Identifiers

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According to the author, national identity is inherently social and is centered on people’s strong bond and sense of community with their fellow group members. People are placed into national groups either by choice or by default. The strength of the person’s membership depends on the level of commitment they feel towards the national group. The level of commitment divides group members into strong and weak identifiers. Group members of a national group that care about the group’s well-being are considered strong identifiers. These members are strongly committed and often see their national group membership as part of their sense of self. Strong identifiers hold and follow group norms so they can be the best prototype for their national identity.…show more content…
Strong identifiers are treated more fairly when they are seen as the prototype of the group. Their opinions about their group are highly valued and taken into consideration between all of the members. Because of their high commitment to their group, strong identifiers remain loyal though hard times and times of doubt. They want to protect the group’s image by focusing on the positive aspects. When faced with negative information about their group, these members will defend their group’s actions and criticisms in order to protect the group image.
Group members do not tolerate weak identifier’s criticisms. Their criticisms of their group are often not listened to and disregarded by members who have stronger commitments. This could be because weak identifiers do not share the same level of loyalty as strong identifiers. Weak identifiers care less about the groups image and do not feel a strong need to defend the group.
I consider myself a strong identifier in being an American. I would say that I fit the typical stereotype of an American. I support the choices Americans make and remain loyal even through the bad decisions. When natural disasters or unexpected tragedies happen in America, I feel instant empathy towards everyone that was effected, even if I have never met them. I see every American and myself as one big community. Being an American has always been a part of my identity and I couldn't
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