Strong Brand Influence Purchase Behavior

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With Products, Is It Form or Function? Strong brands influence purchase behavior (Dyson, 2016). Marketers must, therefore, focus on triggering motivating impressions amongst the consumers. Particularly, they must ensure that as consumers contact the brands, news, gossip and publicity will be inevitable (Gassmann, 2010). To achieve this, the functionality of the product should be unrivaled. Simply, product functionality is the key to brand success. With the massive expansion of credit availability since the 1970’s, consumers have been allured into making impulse purchases (Pusvasiu, 2015). They are therefore likely to be attracted to the design of the product and in the process fail to consider its functionality. Nevertheless, when the…show more content…
Accordingly, a product must perform to an acceptable level, where the benefits that a consumer expects to receive after the purchases are gained. Otherwise, the consumer will discard the product, regardless of its form, and may not re-purchase it in the future. More so, the proper definition of a product’s form is when its functionality is considered (Pusvasiu, 2015). Design should not be limited to what a product looks like and how it feels like, but rather on how well a product functions. Engineers who spend a lot of time trimming and decorating a product to improve its aesthetics may not necessarily help a company achieve success. Instead, they should spend time translating the functional specifications of a product in branding; only when an expression and support of functionality in a brand is achieved that design becomes a selling point (Gassmann, 2010). Undeniably, whereas a consumer hopes to be rational in decision-making, they are also likely to rely on their emotions (Dyson, 2016). For this reason, some marketers rely on their ability to ensure that a design of a product is outstanding. However, the most successful companies channel their efforts towards ensuring that products that add tangible value to the consumers’ lives are created. Emotion will automatically emerge after the functional
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