Strong Family Relations and Their Influence in the World

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A strong family unit is the most essential and vitally sound unit in any culture or society. I feel that strong family relationships create high-quality morals to carry on throughout future generations. Our family educates us on how to function in the world. A family should provide love and warmth to all of its members and give them the support they need to make it through life’s toughest spots. Many times throughout my life have I heard the saying “What is this world coming too”; it is a saying with significant meaning about today’s society. Unfortunately, in today’s world, families have become more scattered and independent, making it more difficult for children to establish relationships with family members. Families should be established in the values of love, kindness, respect, and forgiveness. Upon this establishment a family will never fail, and loving relationship will continue throughout life. In today’s society it is vital to have strong family relationships in which you can communicate, learn and feel loved respectively. In strong family relationships it is imperative to have open lines of communication. In many families today, parents or guardians do not take the time they should, to sit down and converse with their children. Many of this is caused by the busy lives that most families in America have. When communicating with one another it shows that you care and that you are interested in the lives of each other. When not taking the time to communicate with
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