Strong Interest Inventory

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(Strong interest inventory) Brief Description: This class is the second in a series of career development sessions during our professional development-1 course. The class started with a small exercise, in which we have to write about what we are going to do if we won a jackpot and we do not have to worry more about money. Following that we started to describe to us about the occupation themes, the personal style scale. In addition, Ms. provided us with our reports regarding the survey which we have completed in the beginning of the semester. Finally, we start discuss if the results from the report do fit our personality and career expectations in the future. Following this I am going to talk about what I learned about myself and about…show more content…
From this part we can understand that if you are biased in the right side of the risk taking (e.g.: like risk taking and appreciate original ideas, enjoys thrilling activities and taking chances) then I have to find an occupation that will require such personal
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