Strong Interest Inventory Of A Career Assessment

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Strong Interest Inventory Evaluation The Strong Interest Inventory is a career assessment that began as the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory in 1927 and was developed by E.K. Strong Jr. (Blackwell & Case, 2008). It was created from the observations that were made of the interests of workers in varying careers (Yazak, 2014). From such observations, Strong believed that individuals who have interest that are similar to those of people in a particular career tend to experience greater satisfaction if they work in that area than if they enter an occupation with people of dissimilar interests (Yazak, 2014). Test Coverage and Use The Strong Interest Inventory includes 291 items that are meant to measure an individual’s interests in many different areas including their hobbies and compares the interests of workers in 130 occupations (Blackwell & Case, 2008). This inventory may be taken by individuals starting at the age of thirteen and going on through adulthood given that it meant to help individuals get a better picture of occupations that might fit best for them. There are a total of four categories of scales in the Strong Interest Inventory including the General Occupational Themes, Basic Interest Scales, Personal Style Scales, and Occupational Scales (Herk & Thompson, 2011). The General Occupational Themes addresses an individual’s interest’s, skills, and values in six themes including realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional (Herk &
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