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“There once was a little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead and when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was horrid.” That is the poem my mother used to recite to me when I was being “strong-willed”. Jokingly, I believe it is just a proper way of saying difficult; also known to my mother as stubborn, defiant and full of steam. One story in particular she described me as crying so angrily that my tears came shooting straight out. There may perhaps be some exaggeration there. Fast forward almost 25 years later and I gave birth to my very own little six pound ten ounce “nightmare”. My mother feels joy knowing I am getting what I gave. Isn’t that sweet? Dr. James Dobson in his bestseller book “The…show more content…
They will lie, scheme and do what it takes to get their agenda fed. Dobson writes that many parents are in blame and shame mode. They accuse themselves for the household problems and are shamed by the parents of “good kids”. Dobson goes on to state that all children have their difficulties and that strong-willed kids may be tough cookies, they are exactly as God made them and with the correct temperance of love and control they too can come around. To help our kids we must first understand the personality that God has given them. Raising children is not a one size fits all occupation. Dr. Dobson introduces mothers and their strong-willed children to show intimate and real dialogue. These interviews give greater insight into the hearts and minds of the individuals and families caught in this strong-willed storm. The consensus is that perseverance, prayer, love and firmness is the formula for success. In the end, it appears that results are favorable if the parent takes the time and energy to devote to their child. Dobson discusses how we live in a society that has “experts” who are giving bogus advice in regard to parenting. Some experts feel that parents would benefit by getting rid of their authoritative position, whereas the child will thrive better. This is referred to as permissive parenting. Dobson feels this is nonsense, where deep within a child is the want for

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