Strongyloidiasis Treatment Paper

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The treatment of Strongyloides depends on severity of the infection and the underlying host conditions (Miller et al., 2008).The goals of treatment for strongyloidiasis are to treat symptomatic disease and prevent complications in asymptomatic disease by eradicating the organism and thus eliminate autoinfection (Segarra-Newnham, 2007).To start with, traditional Chinese medicine (‘guan Zhong’, ‘gentian violet’) (Wang et al., 2013), Mebendazole (Reddy and Swarnalata, 2005), and tribendimidine (Steinmann et al., 2008) are the most widely used best treatment available for the uncomplicated infections. However, with advancing knowledge the current treatment options include thiabendazole, albendazole and ivermectin (Grove, 1996; Igual-Adell
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(Igual-Adell et al., 2004).It has also been registered as the drug of choice in the World Health Organization’s list of essential drugs for the treatment of human strongyloidiasis (Albonico et al., 1999).The dosage generally recommended is of 200 mm/kg of body weight administered orally once daily for 1-2 days (Mejia and Nutman, 2012). Treatment is repeated if necessary 2-3 weeks after the first course to ensure eradication of infection (Segarra-Newnham, 2007). Although this is the standard dose administered for the treatment of the disease but the dosing interval and the length of therapy depends on the stage of diagnosis and the severity of the diseases. Also the prompt treatment is essential for improving the patient outcome. Moreover, combined therapy using ivermectin and thiabendazole or ivermectin and albendazole has been recommended in patients with disseminated disease (Segarra-Newnham, 2007). It is important to note there is an issue with Oral absorption of ivermectin in severe strongyloidiasis patients due to hypoalbuminemia, paralytic ileus and sometimes increased drug clearance (Turner et al., 2005). In such cases, it is administered subcutaneously or rectally. The dose for the subcutaneous ivermectin administration is different from the oral administration of the drug. Prescribed dosage
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