Structural Changes To Programming To Attract Audiences .

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Structural Changes to Programming to Attract Audiences Not only do product placements, intertextual references, and sponsored programming, demonstrate that advertising on commercial media is the “real” content or focus of commercial media, as propaganda promoting commercialism, the changing of the structure of programming in efforts to direct attention to advertisements also demonstrates this focus. The structure of television programming often consists of cliff hangers, the use of commercial breaks, banners, and sensationalism to attract as many audience members as possible. In Paul Nesbitt-Larking’s book Politics, Society, and the Media, he quotes political and communications scholar Dallas Smythe who “refers to television programming…show more content…
However, attracting audiences is not the only purpose of the content. In fact, many media professionals who write and produce these programs, argue that they are behaving in an integral manner and maintaining neutrality and objectivity to their fullest abilities (Nesbitt-Larking: 2009: p.158). Moreover, there are many techniques news programs use that, while helping the program stay within the time limits, add neutrality and professionalism to the content of the news. For instance, in panel discussions on live news programming, like those on CNN, offer opinions from experts on the issue at hand and allow speakers from varying positions on the matter to add objectivity and neutrality (Nesbitt-Larking: 2009: p.158). Similarly, there is focus on live visual and audio content, which adds evidence to the story the journalist focuses on. On the other hand, while this news content offers information, it still focuses on attracting audiences for advertisers. As a result, (in accordance with the elite theory of advertising) many journalists are hesitant to express or give light to many issues they deem important or valuable or views that may contradict those of the media organization they work for. Paul Nesbitt-Larking argues, “In a society that defines success by capitalist prosperity, the wealthy have […] the

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