Structural Constraint Is Regulation That Limits Agency ( Intentional & Undetermined Human Action, What You Might Or Might

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Stephen Violante Professor Lum COM1200-001 9/30/15 Expository Essay Structural constraint is regulation that limits agency (Intentional & undetermined human action, what you might or might not do). For example heterosexual couples and their children is recurring pattern in social world. Human agency produces human structure because it is dependent on society fulfilling their roles in order to continue their traditional family structure/ education system. Relationships between institutions on how non-media social structures (government/economy) affect media industry and vice versa. Relationships within institutions on how structure of media industry effect media personnel and indirectly media products and vice versa. Relationships between institution and public on how do mass media influence the readers (audience) of media messages and how do they interpret it. Today we often hear such statements as politics as well as social interactions are "mass-mediated." What does this mean? This means the use of media messages create meaning behind what you are doing and promoting. There is an increase in the number of reality shows because people find them entertaining. Reality shows now have become mindless & something easy to put on television. Reality shows create profit for the companies showing them. Economic considerations lead to similar programs across networks. Cost minimization turning to low-cost programs. Small audiences are watching these shows, but since they are so
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