Structural Family Theory Literature Rev Essays

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Structural Family Theory Literature Review Structural family theory is a technique employed by social scientists that offers perspectives and tactics that strengthen and examine the familial unit (Walsh, 2014). Developed by Salvador Minuchin, structural family theory looks at the unspoken rules within a family and how they affect the organization of the unit. It is the job of the social worker to accurately identify the patterns, presented rules, and their effect on the family. Structural family theory encompasses many concepts; a few of them being, subsystems, boundaries, and rules. Subsystems refers to the functional, normal interactions and alliances between two or more members within a family system (Walsh,…show more content…
It is important that there be a clear parent-child role distinction during the divorce process for the adolescent. Secondly, “adaptability refers to a dimension of family flexibility in which the extremes are characterized by chaos and rigidity (Abelsohn, 1991).” According to the authors, it is important that the parents create a new family structure similar to the preexisting structure to eliminate culture shock or discourage adaptability. Though this may not be an option, it is important to the adolescent’s adjustment health that the transition from one family structure be as seamless as possible. Lastly, “generational hierarchy implies that the family is a hierarchical, ‘non-democratic’ organization (Adelsohn, 1991).” Along with these three factors, the authors identified that adolescents who underwent therapy post-separation were better adjusted than those who did not receive treatment. Utilizing Structural Family Therapy and Systems Theory in the Business World Similar to a family unit, businesses operate and function off of a balance of subsystems, rules, and authority. All organizations, at their foundation, mirror the structure and culture of a family system. Relative to the business world, the
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