Structural Family Therapy

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The Structural Model In our society families are the foundation of all human relationships. Therefore learning to maintain and develop healthy families are the goals of family therapist. Counselors can use the Structural Family Therapy approach in counseling hurting families. The pioneer of structural family therapy is Salvador Minuchin (Hammond & Nichols, 2014). Structural family therapist have exemplified within the context relational therapies that uncovers stressors in relationship between individuals (Vetere, 2001). Structural family therapy has been known to be called “interventive approach” because of the “intensity” to encourage clients to change (Hammond & Nichols, 2014). Structure therapy states that psychopathology is…show more content…
Structural therapist define dysfunctional families as an unsuccessful to accomplish it purpose of development of the individual family members (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). In addition to families unable to develop within their families this can cause the family structure to become strain. Consequently, problems can arise in the family. Marital discord, sibling discord, parental and children disagreement. Couples who experience marital discord can also have emotional disengagement which hinders the couple’s ability to solve their problems (Walsh, 2012). As a result, the entire family will counter dysfunction for the lack of conflict resolution issues between the couple. The consequences of dysfunction in a family can spill over in the emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing to each member (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). Structural therapist can assist a dysfunctional family to create and maintain boundaries within the family. The instant that family’s structure change emotional detachment can occur between each member and responsibilities connected to the subsystems will repeatedly transform (Walsh, 2012). Boundary Permeability Family structure can change as a result of a birth of a child, death of a parent, separation or divorce and these changes can interrupt the family structure. As a result, individuals, couples, and families who have experienced dysfunction in the
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