Structural Family Therapy

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Family Therapy Research Paper COUN 601 Structural Family Therapy ABSTRACT This work explores the model of family counseling and therapy known as “Structural Family Therapy”. In this study SFT is explored in its original form as well as in a form that is presently being used and has been effectively used specifically in SFT initiatives in families that are working with the issue of acculturation. The studies of Minuchin and Haley are focused upon and the work of Todd (2006) is also taken into consideration. This work explores how SFT might effectively be applied by a minister of the neighborhood organization PACT and how the Christian principles…show more content…
(Todd, 2006; paraphrased) It is important that the therapist have a plan and a vision for the case in its' completed form. Assigning homework is believed to be effective because of the extension of the therapy outside of the hour set aside for official therapy and into the lives of the family. Todd (2006) states that tasks should: (1) Have a chance at being successful; and (2) Be structured in a way that is so easy that failure to complete the task will still provide information or learning to assist the family. Instructions for tasks to do at home should not be too complicated and as well should not be too vague. (Todd, 2006; paraphrased) DIFFERENTIATION IN VARIOUS THEORIES Over the past two decades family therapy has been a primary innovator in assisting professionals specifically in the way that clients are viewed by counselors and in the methods of intervention used. (Schafter, Briesmeiste, & Fitton, 1984, as cited by Anderson, 1998) Several models are suggested which are the models of: (1) Psychodynamic - an approach pioneered by Ackerman in an object-relations approach with the view that inappropriate behavioral attempts at resolution of issues are the causative of dysfunction in the family. (2) Generational - Places importance of "differentiation, relationships between generations and triangulation (Bowen, 1978) with the function of the therapist being that of a teacher or a coach; (3) Communications - States that pathology
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