Structural Functionalism And Deviance Essay

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++Deviance, in sociology, is the study of violating societal norms, whether formal or informal (boundless). The act of deviance is relative to time and place and can be defined by moral judgment. Any act cannot be isolated as a deviant, for even murder can be allowed (in a case of self-defense, or fighting a war). Murder, and other heinous acts such as rape, assault, and theft, fall under the formal category. These acts have severe consequences, for the victim involved and especially for the perpetrator. Informal deviance refers to behavior that is seen disapproving in society, but doesn't have a huge negative impact; this can include things such as picking one's nose, taking one's shoes off in a business setting, and speeding (Boundless). Correspondingly, there are three social foundations to deviance such as symbolic interaction, structural functionalism, and social conflict (Moffitt). Structural functionalism is a theory that allows large…show more content…
Aaron Cicourel, in his 1976 study, further illustrates this point by investigating the relationship between the Californian police officers and the people whom they were more likely to arrest. Cicourel found that the police were more likely to arrest a group of people that fit the criteria of poor education, poor social status, and minority members, such as the Saints and Roughnecks studied by Chambliss. Thus, the reason as to why primary deviance occurs is the reflection of social expectations being reflected upon the youth which can lead anyone to commit small crimes, but more risky acts can lead to secondary
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