Structural Functionalist Theory

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This paper seeks to evaluate two of the theoretical traditions studied during out course period. The first theory that will be emphasized is that of the structural functionist in which the role of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests will be observed and its relation to the Functionist’s theory determined. In understanding the elements of this theory, the paper will categorically weigh the functions of the theory in light of a current contemporary issue. On the other hand, the paper will also address the social exchange theory to explain the social changes and stability that represent a process of negotiated exchanges between individuals. In the social exchange theory, human interaction remains a unique transaction that is determined towards…show more content…
In as much as this remains the common and easily recognized forms of media today, the one aspect of media that is also efficient in communication is public protest. While protests may not seem easy and civil to conducts as other forms of media, it is evident that it has the capacity to serve as a substance that is regarded as a means of transmission of a force. In this case, I seek to determine the protests of the Wall-Street in the lenses of structural functionalism and determine the effects of the economic pains that the wealthiest Americans were said to have endured in the financial…show more content…
Creating chaos and turning unruliness in this case cannot be termed as restoring order, a factor that may point out that social order breaks down since individuals are separated from the rest of the society.

The social exchange theory on the other hand gives a theoretical perspective in sociology. This theory views social behavior in terms of the pursuit of a reward and the avoidance of other forms of costs and punishments. According to this theory, individuals engage in social interactions for the primary goal of meeting their needs, thus implying to the fact that a basic unit of analysis is in the relationship between the actors. The exchange theorists in line with this therefore view social relations and structures as generated by the ties that unite people in various associations.

Power and status within relations among the actors within different social structures are considered as fundamental forces that determine the nature of structural changes over a period of time. It is in this case essential to determine that the theoretical formulations therefore consider power, and structural sources of power as dynamic. The theory of social exchange has widely by used in communication approaches and in analyzing intercultural interactions, media function and organizations
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