Structural Inequality And Underrepresentation Of Women In Public Media

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In recent years, superheroes have gained popularity in public media and have been produced by Marvel into major movies. As these films make their way onto the big screen, they highlight the fact that superheroes have extraordinary skills beyond those of an ordinary human. While these films are meant for entertainment, they inadvertently reinforce a gender ranking, creating unequal exposure between male and female characters. Marvel superhero films are an aspect of public media that reinforce structural inequality by underrepresenting, oversexualizing and perpetuating racial homogeneity of women in mass media. The continuation of structural inequality of gender and race through Marvel superhero films fails to challenge social norms and bring an end to this structural inequality. Women are continuously underrepresented in Marvel’s superhero movies. For example, Black Widow is the only woman superhero in the male-dominated Avengers team. While female superheroes and characters such as Scarlet Witch and Black Widow are slowly getting recognition, they have yet to receive the same level of representation as their male counterparts. Most male superheroes have been given their own movie or series, yet there hasn’t been a single Black Widow movie. This depicts an obvious underrepresentation of women in the superhero world, which in turn perpetuates inequality between men and women. Those that are represented deal with stereotypes that interfere with the proper representation of

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