Structural Insulated Structures Essay

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The Dirty Secret About Structural Insulated Panels for Timber Homes

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are used in the construction of homes and commercial buildings all over the world. SIP panel homes are constructed using the best building materials on the market today, and the technology makes them a perfect fit when building a home.

The construction of floors, walls, and roofs that are made from these panels are resistant to moisture, are fire retardant, and can cut the overall cost of materials and labor drastically. No other building materials compare to the results achieved with a sturdy, functionally green, family friendly home when using structural insulated panels.

Research and testing with these panels began in the 1930s.
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Cost Efficiency of Using SIPs

The very way SIP panels are constructed is cost efficient by being prefabricated and delivered to the construction site ready to assemble. The structural insulated panels cost pays for themselves by lowering the entire building budget dramatically. With SIPs home kits, the need for work crews to frame the house is eliminated. Here are a few more benefits of building with structural insulated panels.

Unlike modular or prefabricated buildings, SIPs panels can be made for individual needs. The panels are built to last for many years and offer numerous design styles.
The panels are more airtight and environmentally safe than traditional building materials, using less energy to heat and cool, which can lower energy costs up to 60 percent.
Each panel can be customized with the additions of factory pre-cut openings for electrical boxes, wiring, windows, and doors.
Reduces overall construction time as much as 60 percent. Traditional construction takes months. Once the panels are delivered, assembly takes two to three weeks.
Requires no specialized tools and less skilled labor for installation. No need for expensive contractors and workers hammering and sawing. The panels snap together.
The very way they are made leaves a smaller carbon foot print for going green.
Raises resale value of the home. Homes with SIPs are already in high demand.

Using structural insulated panel home kits can save money over time because there is no
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