Structural Safeguards

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As a proposed strategy and measure there is need for well implemented structural safeguards, popular safeguards and judicial safeguards. Similarly as a matter of fact there is need for clear boundaries to be drawn between state governments and the federal government. References David, G, Bauer. (2007). The “how to” Grants manual. Greenwood publishing group. P.79. GAO. (2005), a glossary of terms used in the federal budget process, GAO-05-734SP (Washington, D.C.: September 2005) and chapter 10, federal assistance: grantsand cooperative agreements in GAO, principles Of federal appropriations Law, 3rd edition, vol II GAO-06382SP( FEB, 2006) Martinez-Vazquez, J., & Searle, B. (Eds.). (2007). Fiscal equalization: Challenges in the design of intergovernmental transfers. Springer Science & Business Media.…show more content…
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