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Keywords: 300 words: Structural steel expert, steel fabrication expert, construction claims consultant, construction claims expert, 250 words: reinforcing steel expert, business coach in Birmingham, AL, interim short term management services, Alabama construction arbitrator Do You Need a Structural Steel Expert? In any dispute, whether a court case has been filed or not, the decision to hire an expert witness is a tricky one at times. In most cases, experts are used to break down the complex facts of a case for a judge and a jury during a trial. They may also be consulted prior to filing a lawsuit to determine whether the lawsuit is meritorious. Structural steel experts help case parties and their attorneys analyze issues involving…show more content…
What Types of Cases are Steel Fabrication Experts Used in? Steel fabrication is the process of creating structures by bending, cutting, shaping, and otherwise assembling pieces of steel. If you have ever noticed the steel frame of a building as it is being constructed, you have witnessed the product of steel fabrication. Steel fabrication experts are experienced and knowledgeable in the steel fabrication process, as well as what may occur if there are errors in the steel fabrication process. Steel fabrication experts are valuable in a variety of cases, such as premises liability cases, workers compensation claims, and, of course, construction litigation. How would steel fabrication experts be used in premises liability claims? As an example, pretend you are a guest at a hotel at a beach in California. During your stay at the hotel, a mild earthquake rattles the building. The building is seriously damaged by the earthquake, however, and you are injured by falling debris. As it turns out, the steel frame of the hotel was not coated properly with an anti-corrosive. Steel will corrode if it is not properly protected from water and humidity. A steel fabrication expert would be called in to analyze how the steel frame of the building was constructed, what errors were made, and how those errors led to your injuries. If you are a construction worker, you may need a steel fabrication expert if you are injured while on the job. Many
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