Structural Support Systems, Respiratory Systems, Excretory Systems in Various Animal Species

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Millions of different species of life exist today on the planet Earth. Throughout all of the kingdoms of life, each individual organism has a few important qualities needed to do simple functions for living. For example, every species has a way of obtaining oxygen and energy, reproducing, removing waste, moving oxygen through the body, and supporting it’s structure. These few processes are done by every living thing. Even species as diverse as elephants, wasps and sundew plants all have the ability to function in those ways, but sometimes they have different structures to accomplish the same tasks. All in all, once one discovers how different walks of life survive in their own brilliant ways, life can be seen from a new perspective. One…show more content…
Due to the large size of elephants, their organ structures need to be very large. Other than the difference in size, elephants have circulatory systems similar to all mammals with a four-chambered heart that is efficient in pumping blood through the blood vessels. Compared to most mammals, the elephant’s heart beats slower and they have wide and long blood vessels, leading to a higher blood pressure than other animals. Wasps and many insects have an open circulatory system, meaning that there are no veins or arteries, but rather their hemolymph has direct contact with organs and tissues. The hemolymph is the insect equivalent to blood, but it lacks red blood cells and the ability to carry oxygen. A single blood vessel located in the abdomen serves the same function as a heart, and can pump the hemolymph through the different chambers. Plants have neither of these structures, but they have vascular tissues running throughout the plant that carry nutrients, water and other things to and from the leaves, stem, flower and roots of plants like the sundew.
Energy is needed to do all functions including active transport, cellular division, growing and developing and many other things. Wasps, depending on specific species, can get their energy from consuming other insects or spiders, or drinking sweet nectar from plants. Similarly, elephants also get their energy from eating, but they strictly consume

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