Structural Theories and Street Gangs

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Motivation and Membership The strain theory explores how anomie may result in criminal activity. In fact, the strain theory states that because an individual fails to achieve valued goals and standards, these blocked opportunities can lead to criminal or deviant activity in order to reach a goal (Adler, Mueller,Laufer & Grekul, 2009, p.130). We can relate this theory to the young boys presented in the movie City of God. For example, Lil’Z knows that he does not have the ability to live a life as the people outside the slum are living; he is aware that he does not have the ability to achieve, principally, the monetary success and standard of society maybe because of his lack of education and the violent environment in which he lives…show more content…
These kids and young people are dealing with these criminal situations every day, thus they are learning out of it, like learning anything else. All of the various processes by which humans learn can potentially be relevant. Economic and Community Structure We can use the social disorganization theory to address the idea that crime and criminal networks thrive in social disorganized neighborhoods. This theory explain that an area in which there is a disintegration of conventional values caused by urbanization, rapid industrialization and an increase in immigration may causes the development of high crime (Adler, Mueller,Laufer & Grekul, 2009, p.160). Cultural deviance theory also combines certain parts of this theory since it explains how the different set of values of disadvantaged or disorganized neighborhoods contributes to criminal behavior (Adler, Mueller,Laufer & Grekul, 2009, p.130). These theories can be explained with the movie City of God, since it addresses the idea of the context in which crime and criminal networks flourish. City of God is a slum in Rio de Janeiro, a lower class area, marked by poverty with low income group. It is evident that there is a weak community institution in the slum, which is lacking of agents of social control such as the police or even strong familial or friends relationships. It is mainly the people who live in the City of God that maintain order.
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