Structuralist Perspective

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The historical use of the structuralist and behaviorist approaches to teaching and learning often left students without opportunities for meaningful interaction in the foreign language class. Students often had to learn by repeating words, phrases, and sentences which mostly did not meet the needs or learning styles of individual students. It also did not encourage meaningful communication or interaction which is key in a language class for developing and bettering the proficiency of language learner. Therefore, a post-methodological approach to teaching is considered the better way to teach in a foreign language class. This means that a teacher develops her best practice using his/her knowledge of the various methods.
With older approaches like the structuralist and behaviorist approaches the teacher was the one with the perfect knowledge of the foreign language, however, we know now that students need to be autonomous and take an active part in the learning experience and that the teacher should play a facilitating role in the classroom. Of course, teaching, and learning have also been influenced by the need for standardization, while in the past teachers went to their classes having full control of what they would teach. A teacher’s role is to be flexible to the needs of the learners and the approach of the larger institution. It is only when a teacher can balance both that effective teaching and learning can take place in the language classroom.
As a teacher, my efforts
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