Structure And Behaviour Of An Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise Architecture
There are a number of definitions that exist of Enterprise Architecture. An enterprise is a collaborative collection of sub-organizations with a shared objective. Architecture is a description of the structure and behaviour of a system. Therefore enterprise architecture is a documentation describing the structure and behaviour of an enterprise including its information systems. There is need for flexibility and resilience in Enterprise Architecture. A lot depends on what sort of a framework you can use. Some popular frameworks include TOGAF of The Open Group and smaller ones like Zackman. Within the framework there is the content which includes structure and metamodel.
The framework also contains the activities which need to occur. The framework also helps with the description of an organization, that is, its people and the different roles that are involved. Large enterprises can be very complex therefore; there is need for ways in which these complexities can be introduced. Segmenting is one way that helps reduce the complexity like in governments where there are many agencies. Another way of breaking down these complex systems is by looking at different domains. Typically, there are four main domains. The first domain is the business architecture, that is, why the business exists. It covers things like business objectives, strategic thinking and goals; also it then covers what capabilities the business has, what processes, what functions, what…
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