Structure And Culture Of Toyota

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Structure and Culture Structure Toyota manufactures vehicles in 27 different countries and sells its product over 190 different countries under five brands; Toyota, Hino, Lexus, Ranz and Daihatsu. The organization structure of Toyota Motor Corporation is based upon the numerous business operations carried out by the company all across the world. The company has implemented a divisional organizational structure empower flexibility and changes in the market. It supports its business goal and strategic aims. Due to safety issues and corresponding product recall which started in 2009, the company made significant changes in its structure in 2013. Before 2013, the company has strong centralized global hierarchical structure. The company’s…show more content…
Due to geographical division the company is now more capable of responding to regional market conditions Product-based Divisions Toyota’s organizational structure has the set of product-based divisions. The four division of company are- 1. Lexus International 2. Toyota No. 1 (responsible for operations in North America, Europe and Japan) 3. Toyota No. 2 ( responsible for operations in all other regions) 4. Unit Center ( responsible for engine, transmission and other related operations) Toyota’s organizational structure is based on the varied business operations of the company around the world. Business goals and strategic direction is supported by its organizational structure and Toyota is becoming more effective. Due to its ability to use its organizational structure to maximize efficiency and capacity utilization, Toyota has been able to maintain a strong global presence. Toyota’s new organizational structure empowers flexibility compared to the old centralized hierarchical organizational structure. This flexibility empowers Toyota to speedily respond to issues and to provide higher quality products. Company Management and Directors Chairman of the Board of Directors Takeshi Uchiyamada President, Member of the Board of Directors Akio Toyoda Executive Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors Mitsuhisa Kato Takahiko Ijichi Didier Leroy Shigeki Terashi Member of the
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