Structure Of A Honeycomb Structures With Hexagonal Topology

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Finite Element Analysis of Out-of-plane Compressive Properties of a Honeycomb Structures with Hexagonal topology
Abstract— This work illustrates the manufacturing of the honeycomb hexagonal topology structures by the kirigami technical, and the compressive testing of this specimen. The cellular configuration is simulated using a series of finite element models representing fullscale. The models are benchmarked against experimental results from pure compression tests. Finite element models of the honeycomb assemblies under compressive loading have been developed using nonlinear shell elements from an ANSYS code. Good agreement is observed between numerical nonlinear simulations and the experimental results.

Keywords: FEA, Honeycombs, cellular, flatwise; Hexagonal topology
I. INTRODUCTION Honeycomb out-of-plane compressive properties are of interest for many researchers because they are important for the mechanical performance of sandwich panels, such as local compression and impact resistance. Bouakba et al [1] proposed a novel type Voronoi-lattice and study this honeycomb by FEA on in-plane mechanical properties using the ANSYS code. This work described a continued study of the out-of-plan mechanical properties. The compressive properties for this novel type Voronoi-lattice have been simulated using a full-scale representation of the honeycomb panels under compression loading. The experimental evaluations on the novel honeycomb compressive properties are implemented…
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