Structure Of The Group : What Type Of Group Are You Proposing?

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Structure of the group: What type of group are you proposing? Oftentimes the adjustment to a new school can be scary for students. Students have to quickly learn the expectations of a new school both academically and socially. This can be particularly difficult in middle school when students are becoming more self-aware. One study found that small tasks, such as deciding where to sit at lunch and how to find the correct classroom, provoked anxiety in new students (Bradshaw, Sudhinaraset, Mmari, & Blum, 2010). The proposed support group would be a support group of new students beginning in the first week of the spring semester. New students will meet together with students who have already been at the school in order to answer questions and build friendships. This support group will allow a more smooth transition into Thomasboro Academy. What is the rationale, in other words why is this group needed, what are you trying to accomplish? At Thomaboro Academy, transfer students often go on one of two courses. The first is to be introduced to the support staff because of behavior issues. Even within their first few days at the school. Many times these behavior issues subside over a few weeks once the student has become acclimated with the school. However, by this point the student has already been labeled with certain behaviors. The second course that transfer students take is to “fly under the radar”. They become inwardly turned and keep mostly to themselves, even at the

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