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Heinrich Böll uses his novel, The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, to attack modern journalistic ethics as well as the values of contemporary Germany. The structure of this novel is important to conveying his message. He uses a police report format, differences in chapter lengths, narrator or author intervention, a subtitle, and the extensive use of the 'puddle' metaphor. All these things contribute towards the message in the text. The puddle metaphor is the most significant device used in the structure of the novel. The 'puddle'; means the collective information from all the sources. The narrator speaks of the information as 'fluid' and he also talks of the 'conduction' of the information coming from these different sources. There are…show more content…
Around this time is the celebratory period of Carnival. However there is no hint of any celebratory moods in the tone. It is all extremely formal. It can be said that the format of this book is related to how Katharina Blum herself lives her life. The possible reason that this story is set in this police report format is that Heinrich Böll wants the reader to know the facts since all the facts come together in the end. The story uses flashbacks so the reader knows what is happening somewhere else at the same time. It could be said that the reader is finding out all this information in the same order as the police investigation. It seems that the information is scattered and, just like the police, the reader has to try and piece together the puzzle. However, this is all done for the reader in the end. This is another example of how the 'puddle' metaphor is used. The information scattered means that the channel is always changing course. The tone of this story, and even the text itself says that this is a police report, but the use of short and long chapters could possibly suggest something different. In the short chapters there are little 'bursts' of action, whilst in the longer chapters it goes into far more detail. This is like a newspaper in a way, the headlines with the 'bursts' of action, and the pages the story is continued on go into more detail, however, this reasoning is probably incorrect since the author is trying
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