Structure Of The Play : For Each Stage Of Plot Development

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Structure of the play: For each stage of plot development, provide one example from the play that illustrates the stage of plot development, identify the Act in which it occurs, and explain how the example represents the stage of plot development.

The play opens in the cold and dark winter night in Denmark, where several guards are changing on the battlements of the royal castle of Elsinore. They discuss how two nights in a row, a ghost resembling the deceased King Hamlet emerges just as the bell strikes the hour of one. A man named Horatio is informed that the apparition comes at this time and decides to see it for himself and when they realize that the ghost is real, they decide to inform Hamlet and begin to comprehend that the siting of King Hamlet’s ghost does not mean well for the future of Denmark. This occurs during Act 1 and this example represents the exposition of the drama because the author is provided information about the setting of the play, several characters, and several concepts that coincide with Denmark and its future.

Rising Action:
In Act 2, Claudius and Gertrude desire to figure out why Hamlet is mad so they decide to bring Guildenstern and Rosencrantz, two of Hamlet’s schoolmates to spy on him and find out. Claudius also reveals that he wants to send Hamlet to England because he thinks that Hamlet’s madness will cause conflicts in Denmark. This example is the rising action because, by bringing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, the King…
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