Structure Of The Texas Government And The Basic Powers Of This Structure Essay

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1. Describe the structure of the Texas government and the basic powers of this structure. Texas has a Bicameral legislature that consist of 150 members in the house and 31 senators form districts that can be 4 year terms. These terms overlap so there are some who run for reelection at the same time. The others can run 2 years later. The Texas Constitution grants legislature chambers individual powers and responsibilities. The senate has the ability to object or confirm any appointment. This will need two-thirds vote. The house has the ability to initiate a tax increase however the senate must agree for it to pass. With majority vote the House can use the power of impeachment to dismiss an executive or judicial officeholder. Each House member represents around 139000 people were there are fewer senate members representing approximately 673,000. Having these two groups allows for each one the correct the other as a check and balance. The compensation for these positions is extremely low which means that members have to hold full time jobs outside of the sessions. The current pay is 600/month or 7200 a year. This makes Texas one of the lowest paying states. This limits the people who can run for office. It almost only allows independently wealthy individuals who can afford to live on their wealth. The two most powerful officials are the speaker and Lieutenant Governor. These two will assign the bills to different committees and once the research has been completed

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