Structure Process And Facility Layout

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Forms of Transformation Processes used by Companies and Their Relation to the Facility Layout Selecting the most appropriate transformation process and facility layout is one of the keys towards achieving success in the company’s performance. In general, there are many forms of transformation processes, and each has particular facility layout. What is more, there are also hybrid combinations of them so the organization can choose the one that best fits its needs and potential. Speaking of the basic forms of transformation systems, there are five of them including job shop, continuous process, cellular production, flow shop, and project (Meredith & Shafer, 2013). Job shops are industries that offer a wide range of products and services. They can achieve diversity in possible outputs using departments functionally specializing in one or other good. The specialty of this transformation system is that the departments comprise of identical equipment or involve people with nearly the same set of skills, and the process is carried out on a non-stop basis. It also has a peculiar layout that is based on a historically stable output so that it is rarely changed. The second type of transformation system is continuous process. Such industries use a set of materials and equipment and a sequence of processes to produce a final output. Facility layout of this transformation system is usually a set of needed equipment such as assembly lines, tanks, pipes, etc., and low-skilled employees
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