Structure of Travel and Tourism Industry in City of Bath

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History and structure of travel and tourism industry Case study of Georgian Spa City of Bath Abstract This study is focused on the history and structure of travel travel and tourism industry in the City of Bath. It analyses the effects of the industrial revolution in the City of Bath and its stages of development and it gives a brief note on importance of factors facilitating growth like technology, infrastructure, social condition and analyses in its conclusion the structure and links between the elements of travel and tourism sector. Introduction The travel and tourism industry is one of the most important industries for the global economy, in 2012 growing faster than financial services,…show more content…
Bath was now starting to attract visitors from Europe also. Royal visits in 1574, 1613, 1615, 1634, 1663 increased the popularity and acknowledgement of Bath.(Visit Bath, n.d.) Bath was granted its city status by Queen Elizabeth I in 1590.(Wikipedia, n.d.) Queen Anne's visits in 1688, 1692, 1702, 1703 led to even greater elite sponsorship for Bath. Due to her visits Bath became known as the retreat for coquetting,for fun and for chic. It became fashionable to visit Bath.(Visit Bath, n.d.) Bath is also named Georgian Spa City of Bath because it became popular as a spa town during the Georgian era (1714-1830) and because that era left a heritage of great Georgian architecture for which the city is highly appreciated and therefore visited also by tourists looking for culture and not just for relaxation and spa treatments. (Wikipedia, n.d.) In 1777 the Hot Bath was rebuilt to the design of John Wood the Younger. Starting 1783 the Cross Bath was rebuilt by Thomas Baldwin. In 1790's the Great Pump Room was also rebuilt and during the excavations many of the first discoveries regarding the Roman Temple were made. That was also the period of time when the Museum of Antiquities was created. (Visit Bath, n.d.) The

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