Structured Gender Roles And Effects Of A Family

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Ashelynn Shenequia Burt-Jones English II Honors 4 January, 2016 Structured Gender Roles and the Effects of a Family. “The man who had contradicted him had no titles. That 's why he had called him a woman”(26). In “Things fall apart” by Chinua Achebe, structured gender roles play a significant role in the village of Umuofia. Okonkwo 's violences and anger take these stereotypes to an extreme, damaging his relationships with close relatives. The women’s roles in things fall apart are greatly underestimated due to structured gender roles. Aspects of respect that is deserved and wished isn’t granted, but they would still carry some importance, considering the sacrifices made; that include cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, and making sure that everything amicable in order to get a little clarity from their spouse. After all the hard work, the women are still considered the weaker sex because the men believe that they would not be able to provide for themselves and the children without their help, and being like a woman in any shape or form is considered to be unethical. “Do what you are told, women,” Okonkwo thundered, and stammered.” “When did you become one of the ndichie of Umuofia?” And so Nwoye’s mother took Ikemefuna to her hut and asked no more questions (16-19).” In the Igbo society the wives must do as they’re asked, if they deny a request they then receive a beaten for being disobedient, as if they’re a child or pet. Many believe that women are too
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