Struggle For Identity : Interpolation Of Night 's Theme Essay

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Chester L. Bullock Mrs. Mosley Written English II 16 September 2016 Struggle for Identity: Interpolation of Night 's Theme As known to be of human nature, it is common to go through hardship; Some so extreme, that faith with in whatever deity that person believes in, can be weakened or totally broken and break that person, as well. This is exactly what Elie Wiesel explores in his autobiography, Night. In the narrative based off his hellish experiences in the concentration camps, Wiesel vividly discusses his constant alertness that his and his father’s lives were in jeopardy. One simple indication of weakness could have easily been a death sentence to the both of them, as it was for some many of Jewish people (man, woman, child) during the Holocaust. The thought that a god would let some much injustice and maltreatment of a people go unwarranted did not sit well with the author, as he was so devoted to his The theme of identity is existent in the narrative as the author struggle with the rapid changes and challenges that has occurred over a relatively short, but detrimental part in his life—kidnapping him from his lifestyle, losing his faith as a result of mental and physical torment, and being a free man with nothing familiar, not even himself. Initially, the theme of identity is existent through the authors being kidnapped from his lifestyle, which included his way of thinking. In the log, Wiesel describes himself as being very attentive and being interested in furthering

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