Struggle In 'Popular Mechanics' By Raymond Carver

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I read Popular Mechanics by Raymond Carver. It's a story of struggle, conflict and painful separation. This is really a great story that should make any reader think about the events described. The husband is packing to leave, and his wife tells him to get out. He says he wants the baby too, and they get in a physical struggle over the child (Carver, n.d). That's the basic premise of the story, however there is so much more in there, even though it's about a page long. The story ends with an unsatisfactory ending, leaving it up to the reader to decide how it was going to play out. "He felt the baby slipping out of his hands and he pulled back very hard.In this manner, the issue was decided." (Carver, n.d) Works Cited Carver, R. (n.d).
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