Struggle Of The Black People

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Struggle of the Black people in the southern Plantation Tradition stories have played a great role in the lives of many children worldwide. Traditional stories have always carried with its hidden meanings with each tackling a certain theme. The themes presented always refer to a certain period or a certain event in some place. The stories use different literary stylistic devices to hide some of the themes being presented or being passed to other generations. The oral traditions of African Americans were responsible for the creation of the stories. This is the language pattern and speech ways of African Americans slaves which are evidenced by the survival of West African beliefs (Flora and MacKethan 7). One of the stories that have been widely used today is the story Uncle Remus, His Songs and His Sayings. The story was written by Joel Chandler Harris and it uses an allegory to present the suffering that the black people underwent in the southern plantation (Flora and MacKethan 920). The book reflects the powerlessness of the black people and the white domination over African Americans. It shows how the African Americans had to use trickery to withstand the treatment they received from the white man. One of the widely known stories in the book is The Wonderful Tar Baby. In this story, Brer Rabbit is walking, and he encounters the tar baby, a doll made of both tar and turpentine to trap Brer Rabbit (Chandler 9). Brer Fox successfully entraps Brer Rabbit by setting the Tar
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