Struggle With Writing

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I am no writer. I don’t have connections to assemble or a creative imagination to share. What I do have are opinions to voice and arguments to present: but these, too, I must learn to communicate through writing. In the past, I have only ever written required assignments for school, and I struggled with them: I continue to struggle with writing today. After reading Dillard’s two essays, I learned more specifically that I struggle with beginning a piece of writing, writing clearly, and analyzing or revising what I’ve written.

Beginning a piece of writing is the most difficult task for me to perform. I never know what to express to capture the attention of readers or how to state my purpose for writing. And that’s just it – I want to start with a purpose or a point. Dillard says, though, that I don’t need a well-defined point to begin. (12) I just need “specific objects or events” and not opinions or arguments to start a literary work. (12) This is the opposite of what I have tried to use. She also explains that describing is an effective way to start writing, using each of the five senses. (12) This is another area that I struggle with. There have been times I have tried to describe something or someone, but my descriptions seem weak and fail to convey what I perceive. These are just a few of my difficulties with starting to write.
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My meanings do not reach readers as I would like for them to, or they don’t even appear to exist. The message I want to communicate is not always conveyed. Though I have hope that I will gain clarity, as I continue to practice writing, for even Dillard says, “It took me about ten years to learn to write clearly.”
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