Essay on Struggle and Growth in Alice Walker's Color Purple

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Struggle and Growth in Alice Walker's The Color Purple

The Color Purple depicts the struggle and growth of Celie, an uneducated slave of the South who became a victim of racism, sexual roles, men, and social injustices, in numerous letters that she writes as a diary. Walker uses Celie's uneducated grammar to help the reader perceive the pain that she thinks and feels in order to become a mature, twentieth-century woman.

As Celie writes to God for guidance and strength asking that she may carry on, her letters subtly shift to be intended for her intensely loved sister, Nettie, whom separated from Celie at an early age. Celie becomes a victim of brutal violence as she refuses to fight back to the injustices that black
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When Celie shifts the addressing of her letters from God to Nettie, the reader apprehends that faith and religion are almost extinguished in Celie's life. Shug questions Celie's loss of interest in God: "What happen to God? He gave you life, good health, and a good women that love you to death." (119). Celie replies with "All my life I never care what people thought bout nothing I did, I say. But deep in my heart I care about God. What he going to think. And come to find out he don't think. Just sit up there glorifying in being deff I reckon." (120). She eventually believes that God has failed her and won't serve as a confidant, therefore, reaches out to Nettie.

Celie's unwavering love for Nettie provides Celie with some optimism to hold onto, for Nettie's eventual happiness leads Celie to believe that happiness may also be possible for her in the future. Every letter that Celie writes to Nettie illustrates the strictest confidence she delivers to her sister; most feelings remain trapped inside of Celie except those told to either Nettie or Shug. Celie confides in Nettie her fears, her secrets, her joys and her disappointments: "I sit here in this big house by myself trying to sew, but what good is sewing gon do? What good is anything? Being alive begin to seem like a awful strain" (262). "Well you know wherever there a man there trouble" (213). "I am so happy. O got love, I got work, I got money, friends and time. And you
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