Struggle in Foreign Country

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Bing Pan
Prof. Samtani
Eng 1A
Struggling in a Foreign Country United States has many world fame universities, those universities are the sanctuary for all students in the world. In United States, there are huge amount of immigrant moving in every year, and the most of purpose for them is education for next generation. In fact, from the 1997-98 school years to the 2008-09 school years, the number of English-language learners enrolled in public schools increased from 3.5 million to 5.3 million, or by 51 percent (National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition, 2011). As long as the dramatic increase on foreign students, the education for these ESL students seems more important not only because it concern about the
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These are very useful to set a plan for those specific individual. For example, a French young man is enthusiastic and feel free to talk in English with others even though with accent. Whereas a shy Chinese teenager always stay in silent because he is unconfident on his oral English. The French men would be adapt the environment quickly due to the similarity of American style, on the other hand, the Chinese man would struggle because he lack of courage to try. This would happen because the culture differences between different countries. The one that lived more closer to the American style would adapt American education much faster than the one who experiencing culture shock. The learning style also influence the way the students responds to an instructional style and setting. For instance, the Chinese get used to learn by Chinese style, which gives the vague definition that required students think more on it. Compare to the American style, everything goes straight, which it might caused the Chinese students think a lot more and make mistake even though the professor just gives the correct answer. Environmental factors are concern about the issues that came from outside, it is about external affection. This factor also need to be concern so the ESL professor is able to adjust the strategy have to increase the quality of education and extent of
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