Struggles, Dreams And Hopes : Lorraine Hansberry 's Play

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Struggles, Dreams and Hopes Lorraine Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun, is a great example of the struggles faced by an impoverished black family; who strive to deal with the realities of life on the ghetto side of South Chicago. Written in the 1958, this play illustrates the destructive consequences of impecuniousness and repression on African American families. Throughout the play, Hansberry (who is he, describe) shows the day-to-day struggles of a black family and explains the different perspectives on the American Dream. Each character in the play have their own hopes and dreams, however, these end up clashing with one another. Hansberry uses the Younger family to show that despite oppression and subjugation; a dream to live a better life is achievable with family unity and support. Throughout the play, many conflicts arise between the main characters; Mama, Walter, Ruth and Beneatha. An example of one conflict is poverty, which causes tension to escalate within the Younger family. Everyone in the play has different dreams, yet they have the same goal to overcome poverty. In the opening scene, Hansberry describes the living conditions of the Younger family, who live in Chicago 's South Side in a congested two-bedroom apartment with no bathroom of their own. This location is historic because during the 1950s, it was predominantly a poverty-stricken neighborhood largely populated by African Americans. As a result of “discriminatory real estate practices” and
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