Struggles of Apartheid and Segregation

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How would the whites have felt if the blacks treated the whites how the whites treated them? The blacks went through decades of discrimination because of the color of their skin. White people during the 1900’s enacted multiple laws to limit the role that blacks had in both the United States and Apartheid. The laws enacted during Racial Segregation in the U.S. and Apartheid is similar because the whites did terrible things to the black population but was luckily stopped by monumental men like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Throughout Apartheid and Segregation in the U.S. there were laws enacted to keep blacks from doing many things. As Merriman and Winter get into the paragraph about laws, the passage says “Many laws were enacted to give effect to total segregation and to regulate the continued presence of blacks in "white" areas” (Merriman/Winter). The whites made the laws not only to make the blacks feel bad, but to more than likely to get them out of their lives. By doing this, the blacks had to overcome many obstacles and several things that severely changed their lives. In the same paragraph about laws Merriman says, “1950 saw the Population Registration Act, which defined race on the basis of physical appearance…” (Merriman/Winter). This law was enacted to separate the whites from the black, which all people had to be checked and written down to the color of their skin so it was easier to identify based on color. The law enacted to do this is a prime
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