Struggles of Immigrants and Native Americans

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The Mexican government system over the Native Americans introduced the policy of mercantilism. In this system, merchants and the government based in Mexico partnered to make a strong political rule over Native Americans. In the process, the colonial government backed the merchants in exploiting the resources of the native peoples. In exchange, the government took its share in terms of taxes and duties. The tax that the colonial government earned was used to equip the loyal navy such that the Mexican would be safe from attacks. The army also sought to expand territories whenever they wanted (De Montalvo 5). The significant impact of this policy was that the Native Americans suffered under the spell of poverty as their resources were siphoned to Mexico and other developing colonies.
The Spanish rulers, who colonized the Native Americans, implemented a policy that the colonists found hard to follow. They wanted to create a society whereby heredity was the determinant for ranks. When the Spanish occupied Florida, only five Spanish-born families were in the colony. As more and more Spaniards arrived, the issue of the rank became paramount than that of the skin tone. In the meanwhile, they forced the policy of social stratification and succeeded. They, however, failed to connect rank with the purity of European blood, thus creating a culturally diverse society (Muir).
Administration of the United States imposed a policy of unrewarded labor to the Native Americans. Each Native

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