Struggling Readers Essay

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1 Topic: Strategies for Reading / Grades 3-5

Resource Book: Strategies for Struggling Readers

Author: Jo Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Creative Teaching Press Inc.

Year: 2007

ISBN#: 13: 987-1-59198-434-4
Book Description:
When I am hired as an Education Assistant, I would like to have extensive resources or strategy books, classroom materials, websites, and any of my peer’s knowledge to help me in my work environment. This book and the many resource books that this class will provide can ensure the strategies and knowledge to help me teach and instruct the
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Skim: Tell the student to skim through the book and find any words of interest.
Summarize: Let the student retell the story.
Speed: Ask the student to reread the story for fluency.

Brain-Based Learning: This section involves how the brain retains information and how it processes information, furthermore is aimed at the literacy aspect. For example short-term memory, long-term memory, sensory input, as well as front and back-brain learning are just a few areas of strategies on how to retain and process the information the students have read. This process also teaches students to construct a “Brain Booklet “which helps them to learn about areas of the brain and how it relates to everyday life.

Reading Activities: This part of the book is filled with activities to help students achieve their goals in reading, and have a little fun at the same time. In each of the activities there are direct teacher instructions in teaching these exercises correctly. This book demonstrates activities through songs, music, outside activities. The handouts in the book also help engage struggling readers. Through these activities the student(s) will have achieved the five components

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