Struggling to Succeed: An Examination of Black Business Essay

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     If one were to take a look at the American business world today, much as if one were to look at it a hundred or more years ago, one fact would be easily noticeable. The majority of positions of power and authority in most American businesses are white males. In fact, white males outnumber all other races n these positions far more than they outnumber the actual populations of these other people in our country. Specifically, black men are sorely represented in executive positions in corporations and businesses across the board. So why is that? Is there some fundamental character of black people that keeps them from success? Is society still oppressive to blacks nearly forty years after the Civil Rights …show more content…
“Every society has individuals who are better positioned to take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities, because of their relative access to opportunity structures, their greater native ability, or both. Entrepreneurs who successfully act on available opportunities move economies and societies to new stages of development” (Green and Pryde, 13). White males have made undeniably sure that they have always been the ones better positioned by oppressing blacks to the point where they form an inferiority-complex which far removes blacks from any opportunity to access any significant opportunity structures. Of course, strong individuals who do not acquiesce to this kind of oppression are able to achieve individual success, sometimes on levels rivaling their white counterparts, but the grater majority of blacks have fallen prey to such a powerful technique, which has led to the current status of black business - quite a dismal one.
In order for one to succeed in any situation, business or otherwise, two things are necessary. Both an individual’s personal ability to succeed, as a result of personality, training, willpower and determination, etc., and favorable circumstances or situational
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