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Stryker Corporation: In-sourcing PCBs Table of contents: Executive summary 1. Introduction 2. Analysis of current position 3. Analysis of new project 3.1 Methodologies and processes of Valuation 3.2 processes of Valuation 4. Conclusion References Appendices A & B Executive summary: The executive for Stryker Corporation recently considered setting up own factory to produce Printed circuit boards (PCBs) – a key electronic component of many of Stryker instrument’s medical products due to a big concern of current shaky sourcing suppliers. This proposal is targeted on the feasibility of the investment on financial projection such as Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and payback period as well as its business…show more content…
The actual production would begin in the third quarter of this year, therefore only half year’s depreciation should be counted on Equipment and IT communication in 2004 (According to Appendix A). The following years (2005-2008) incremental cash flows are computed by the same method. However as the IT equipment and furnishings would be depreciated on a straight line basis over 3 years, thus in year four (2007), there would be only half a year’s deprecation left and after that it will be used up. The last year’s net cash flow in 2009 should be included the extra terminal Value on that year, which includes 24 years’ residual value on building and one year and a half residual value on equipment totaled $2,990,412 with two assumptions of by using residual book values for the building and operating equipment and there will be no further NWS advantage after year 2009. Finally, by obtaining 6 years’ incremental cash-flows and discounting them back to time zero (with the estimate rate of return by 15%) lessing initial cost to get an appealing NPV of $1190528 (Luehrman, p. 3). Internal rate of return (IRR) and Payback period “IRR of a project provides useful information regarding the sensitivity of the project’s NPV to errors in the estimate of its cost of capital” (Pierson et al.2011, pp.157).This proposal also shows the project is profitable by using Excel to get the IRR of 18.9%, which is

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