Stuart M. Kaminsky

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Stuart M. Kaminsky, an American writer and a film professor at Northwestern University and at Florida State University, has written quite a few novels that surrounded American mysteries and how some of the criminal activities in America during the twentieth century. Novels like Bullet for a Star and A Cold Red Sunrise, that both illustrated the rise in criminal activity in America under the umbrella of the mystery genre. Kaminsky’s article on Mervyn LeRoy’s Little Caesar discusses how the elements within the film created the standard for gangster films. He breaks the elements down into thirteen sections to give an in-depth understanding of them, and how they connect to each other. Furthermore, out of the thirteen elements he really focused on three of them. The three were “The Title”, “Time and Fate”, and…show more content…
He does this by splitting the title into two words, ‘Little” and “Caesar”. Kaminsky describes Caesar as being a character that relates to the viewer, for the gangster that comes from the lower-class society. Furthermore, this relates to the audience because many of them were lower-class men and women, who were working to achieve the life of the wealthy. Kaminsky also explained how many of the gangsters in the films were acting on the myths of real gangsters. In the article he uses the example of Al Capone, for he was the gangster prototype, because Little Caesar was built on his life. Moreover, Kaminsky illustrates the “Little” in the title in two perspectives. One perspective was the matter of Caesar being a short man. This perspective allowed the men in the society to relate to him, which also caused a lot of them to be either shot or put in prison because they endeavored to commit the acts of the gangsters in the film. The other perspective demonstrated how Caesar’s life had the possibility of being short lived because of his
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