Studds-Nolan Case

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What are the intercultural issues involved in the relationship between the two partners? In all companies, the understanding of the intercultural issues is really important. In fact, companies have to deals with the culture that they have into. Company Culture is the term given to the shared values and practices of the employees. So the companies have to know that to understand their employees and for manage their teams in a right way. Above all, if the companies want to succeed in a joint venture. In the case of Studds Nolan, the main intercultural issues are to deals with the Indian and the Italian culture. These two countries are really different. The first, India, is in …show more content…
Because of this, the companies cannot succeed to make a consensus and they do not succeed to create a management for the final venture. Moreover, the employees of Studds Company were heavily unionised. So, the employees were protecting by the strong unions, which were really active and vocal in India. Therefore, it was difficult for the future management team to hire or fire employees. And, for a global company like Nolan, it was difficult to implement their new technologies when the current people do not have the skills to use it. So, they absolutely need in their strategy to hire and fire some people. Without this possibilities, it is difficult for Nolan to keep is rank on the market. So, once again, the minds were different and they did not arrive to a consensus, which satisfied both sides.

What would have been your recommendations to Studds or Nolan? (Give pros and cons) For both company, they need to take their time. They need to talk more for really understand the characteristics of other. In fact, in this case, Studds and Nolan have good reasons to make a joint venture. They think about what they want for their own company but they
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