Student Academic Code Of Conduct And This Assignment Complies With The Code

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Faculty of Management MBA 506 – Consulting Project Submitted to: Jim Swaffield Instructor, MBA 506 Submitted on: 24 August, 2015 Student Name: Paul Thomas Student ID: 577052772 Section: 71 “I have read the Student Academic Code of Conduct and this assignment complies with the Code” Table of Contents for the Project Page 1. Consulting Service…show more content…
My consulting services not only help companies of private and public sector to improve their efficiency and function effectively but also helps them to analyse situations themselves and solve the problem/s if it occurs in the future. Hence as a consultant I will define the problem in a very descriptive manner for the concerned party to understand the situation clearly and then dig in deep to analyse and solve the issues and provide practical and professional recommendations to the client. My mission is to solve problems for clients, help them boost their efficiency and thereby maximising profits. I work alongside leading retailers to develop and implement customized solutions that address today 's challenges and tomorrow 's opportunities. In the past 8 years, I have completed hundreds of projects globally to help retailers tackle their top strategic, operational, financial and organizational issues. As an expert I help associations to explain issues, make quality, augment development and enhance business execution, additionally to help an association to build up any authority abilities that it might be deficient. The procedure, structure, administration and operations of an association are looked into. It is my obligation to distinguish choices for the association and propose proposals for change, and advising on additional resources to execute solutions. The retail industry is undergoing a transformation. Challenged by quickly updating

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