Student Accommodation Tends to Be Less Volatile than Other Real Estate Sectors

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Shortfall is present and international demand is increasing because of the international students. Analyst suggests that this is a counter cyclical, but in this case the yields come when the crisis in credit is present. This sector is the strongest asset sector in the UK today. This is the safest investment opportunity in the country.
OECD countries have been receiving more students than they send abroad for the tertiary education. The citizens of the OECD countries are studying abroad. 83% of the students are enrolled in G20 countries. 77% of the foreign students have enrolled in the OECD countries. These proportions have been static during the past few decades and this figure is increasing with the passage of time (Mok, 2013).
Geographic areas are the most promising feature that attracts foreign students to enrol in European countries, especially the UK. The figures represent that 48% of the students enrol from North America. With this figure, another important aspect is present that explains how America only enrols 22% of the international students and 48% of the local citizens of America prefer to study in other European countries. The internationalization of universities has helped in attracting more international students in the countries. The UK has a promising feature that explains that the students will have a higher…
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